So Memorial weekend kicked off the start of a new season.

Yay for summer! And the road construction folks opened up a super-sweet, super-short, super-easy alternate Highway 8 detour through Taylors Falls. Yay for no added travel time! And to round out the ‘new” theme we have going, we have a killer new batch of stone beads that we have never had before! Yay for more reasons to visit the TF Bead Store! We just checked in one of the largest bestest super-hugest awesomest semi-precious stone bead bulk buys ever!

Check out the itemized list of the stones in the new stuff section below for all of the details, but some of the highlights are lots and lots of matte finished stones as well as at least a half dozen new types of stones! Fantastic scenery, convenient traveling and new treasures to discover – yay for new stuff!
IMG_7541 IMG_7546 IMG_7544 IMG_7543
Summer signifies the temporary discontinuation of monthly sales, but do not fret! Remember that we post special, non-public sales here and there on our Facebook page. Don’t miss out!


  • New line of size 6 Czech seed bead hanks.
  • Quite a few new colors in size 11 seed beads in both Czech and Japanese.
  • Herkimer diamonds! These are gorgeous rock specimens without holes.
  • Fresh new beeswax ingots and candles, made in Minnesota.
  • An excellent new batch of aqua aura quartz points.
  • Fun new order of Beadworx beaded critters are just in.  Elephant, jellyfish, several different fish species including the super popular big mouth fish, blow fish, clown fish, victor fish, chicken, mermaids, pelican, brown and black bears, deer, acacia tree, parrot on a perch, eagle,  . . .
  • Dream catcher kits.
  • The stone of the month is mixed impression jasper, a.k.a. Mardi Gras jasper.
  • New display stands for sale that are great for ammonite pairs and agate slices.
  • HUGE NEW REALLY, REALLY NICE SEMI-PRECIOUS STONE STRAND BUY!!!:  sodalite, tiger iron, orange banded agate, hessonite garnet, Polish flint, Red C reek jasper, purple artistic jasper, polychrome jasper, outback wood jasper,
  • and…
  • landscape jasper, jade, sardonyx potato chips, rainbow onyx, white African opal, matte Pilbara jasper, boulder opal, larimar!, azurite, rutilated quartz, green moss agate, matte crystal, jadeite, prehnite, cabernet jasper, Brazilian opalite, breciated mookite, picture jasper, African jade, network stone, green garnet, rainbow obsidian, onyx, agate, hematite, sardonyx, amazonite, matte brown sardonxy, sponge coral, grey moonstone, matte lapis, labradorite, smokey quartz, strawberry quartz, Mexican crazy lace, sunstone, titanium coated quartz,
  • and…
  • Norwegian jasper, gold sheen obsidian, iolite, green kyanite, phantom quartz, blue tiger eye, plume agate, Mexican picture jasper, wood opalite, green spot jasper, lepidolite, pyrite, red agate, matte tiger eye, rhyolite, green garnet, jet, chrysoprase, Russian amazonite, druzy, sefonite, imperial jasper, hickoryite, tektite, pink gray tourmaline, matte sardonyx, matte carnelian, blue kyanite,
  • and…
  • moss agate, pink opal, lavender amethyst, purple amethyst, matte Red Creek jasper, turitella, super dark amethyst, lodolite, ametrine, green aventurine, super huge awesome turquoise, purple chalcedony, owyhee sunset jasper, Botswana agate, raw tourmaline, Laguna lace agate, thunder agate, fire opal, purple artistic stone, coprolite, matte flourite, stitchtite, Venus jasper, denim coral, oco geode, peridot, lemon quartz, AB quartz, and more!!!!!!

Here is your May trivia snippet

It’s May! Here is your May trivia snippet: On May 14, 1804. Lewis and Clark left St. Louis to embark on their famous journey. And you know what was included in their packs of trade goods? Beads! Lots and lots of beads! They had more than a dozen different types of beads. Just think of the selection the would have had if they had been able to stop at the Taylors Falls Bead Store! They would have had hundreds and hundreds to choose from! Ol’ Meriwether and William paddled thousands of miles to trade their beads. You only need to hop in your car! And you don’t have to fight off bears! You can, however, take a hike to commemorate the event. Interstate Park is in our backyard after all. Lewis and Clark would have done it.