The loot is here

This is such a great time of year! Yes, I’m aware it’s winter outside :), but it is also time for the Tucson show! And this year we have some added excitement!  Instead of us yawning our way through January like usual, we’ve been working our butts off getting ready to SELL at the Tucson show for the first time ever! We have expanded our stock of sea glass and beach stones by astronomical proportions to bring to the show. That is good news for us and for you! We’ve been SUPER creative and will have tons of great new styles and ideas going forward. Of course, we are super-stoked to do our normal crazy shopping spree. It is always an adventure to see what treasures we can hunt down at the Tucson show to bring back. Everything from basic stock to I-never-thought-I-would-see-that-in-a-bead-store items will be coming back for sure!  Stop by and see us anytime around mid-February or after to check out all the new booty!