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Truly one of the non necessities of life, we are purveyors of fine beads and finished jewelry in the beautiful St. Croix Valley. Located in historic downtown Taylors Falls we offer the largest variety of beads and trinkets around. We also offer extended hours, and classes


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Tucson product is here!!!!!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the annual Tucson agglomerate (sweet word, huh?) is the best in the history of ever! The windfall of beads, rocks, and various sundries has us sitting amongst gargantuan piles of shiny, crazy, jaw-dropping, mind-boggling treasures.… Continue Reading…

The loot is here

This is such a great time of year! Yes, I’m aware it’s winter outside :), but it is also time for the Tucson show! And this year we have some added excitement!  Instead of us yawning our way through January… Continue Reading…